The Thought-Provoking Art of Balint Zsako

Hungarian-born artist Balint Zsako uses collages, paint, watercolors, sculpture, and photography to express himself artistically and depict all kinds of scenes – from nudes in erotic acts to renaissance and baroque-like paintings, but he also elaborates complex and abstract images containing human body parts or bodies in relation to other things. 

Zsako was born in Budapest in 1979 and when he was 9-years-old, his family moved to Canada. His parents were both successful artists and that’s how he got his artistic background. He graduated from the Ryerson University in Toronto and now lives in Brooklyn, New York.  

His work is often abstract, but full of emotion and movement. He combines bizarre and incompatible elements to create tension in his paintings, while some images leave an impression of melancholy and you can lose yourself in them. He loves playing with gender and polyamorous behavior, so it often happens that two figures share one organ – an eye for example – and he describes this as “a metaphysical metaphor for personal interactions.”  

Many of his paintings could be described as “open-ended complications” and his artistic language is a mix of mythical, spiritual, sexual, and psychological stories.  

Here is a series of his work we prepared for you to enjoy!