Breathtaking Synchronized Screen Juggling with 7 Devices

Doodle Chaos is a YouTube channel devoted to “synchronizing things to music and crazy contraptions.” One of the recent things published by Doodle Chaos is this screen juggling synchronized among 7 different devices: four smartphones, two laptops, and one tablet. The video shows five animated balls rolling around, bouncing from one screen to another, making it seem like the balls are actually physically moving because everything is perfectly synchronized.

The talented guy behind the Doodle Chaos channel explained how he did this in the video description. He admitted that he had to overcome many issues along the way, from creating and editing 7 videos to finally synchronizing them to play at the same time without buffering or lagging. He even accounted for an old laptop and allowed it a 1-second advantage and was finally able to film this incredible video.

Click play below to see what happens when all 7 screens work simultaneously.