Cake Artist Creates Magical Embroidered Cakes

Leslie Vigil is a cake artist who first gained public attention by creating her incredible blossoming buttercream cakes. This time she’s back with more amazing cake art because she’s mastered another great skill; she’s adorning her cakes with incredible tapestry-like designs using only piped icing.

This colorful collection of cakes embroidered with flowers and leaves is called Tapestry Cakes. Vigil told Better Homes &‌‌ Gardens that her inspiration for creating this kind of art comes from her love and fascination of nature.

“I have found so much peace walking in a botanical garden or growing my own cacti and succulents in my own garden. I try to take that feeling and transfer it over to my cake art. When I create botanicals out of buttercream, I always have the real ones in mind: how they grow, how they form, how perfectly imperfect they really are,” Vigil said.

She became interested in baking at a very young age and has mastered the art of pastry at the prestigious French cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu. Now she has her own business and inspires more than 146 thousand followers on her Instagram page.

Check out her incredible pastry art in the photos below.

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