Canadian Artist Depicted The Beautiful Scenery She Saw In Japan

Angela Pan is a talented artist from Canada who spent three weeks traveling across Japan. While visiting the usual spots like Tokyo and Kyoto, and some not-so-popular destinations like Matsumoto and Kanazawa, the artist depicted enchanting images based on the beautiful corners of Japan she has seen.

Her goal was to gather the paintings and publish an art book. “I decided to do a three-week trip to Japan because although I’ve been to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka before, I’ve never had a chance to go visit other parts of Japan. I wanted to see a wider range of landscapes and scenery of Japan,” Pan told Design Your Trust.

Her art book, titled 21 Days In Japan, contains acrylic marker paintings, comics and travel thoughts from her trip.

Pan has a degree in animation and she says that drawing is her “one and only hobby.” But she does a remarkable job—like a pro.

If you are curious to see the artist’s works, check out the gallery below and follow her on social media for future updates.