Influencer Reveals Truth Behind Perfect Instagram Shots

When you scroll through your Instagram feed you’re most likely to see photos of perfect people, wearing glamorous clothes in beautiful places. Most of these photos are far from reality and Amsterdam-based influencer and vlogger Rianne Meijer decided to use her popularity to show us the reality behind her perfect Instagram shots.

From time to time, Rianne uploads an “Instagram vs reality” photo that compares her perfect Instagram shots with real, unflattering photos. These side-by-side photos are hilarious, but also very important because Rianne wants to tell her followers that’s she’s not perfect and looks exactly like the rest of us in real life.

“First of all, the not-so-pretty pictures made me laugh so hard and I hoped it would make others laugh as well,” Rianne told Bored Panda. “And second, it could give a really nice and honest message to my followers. It kind of felt like only posting the perfect Instagram pictures was basically lying, so for me to post the other ones next to it made it more real. That’s why I posted the Instagram vs. reality pictures. And it turned out to be a good call. I love that now I stand for something online.”

Take a look at her funny photos below.

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