Sushi The Cockapoo is an Adorable Dog With Blue Ears

Today we are going to meet a real celebrity in the dog world! Sushi The Cockapoo, better known as Sushi Said on Instagram, is the adorable Cockapoo with cute blue ears who is taking over social media.

Sushi is not only popular on Instagram, but she’s also a TikTok content creator with over 1.4 million fans who follow her on a daily basis. This dog loves to make people laugh and, according to her owners, she has quite an interesting personality. They say their pet is intelligent, sensitive, and very expressive. And they, of course, emphasize that her ears are “vegan, non-toxic & dog-friendly.”

“She is also very particular about her wants and needs. Example #1 – she loves cheese but will only eat ‘real’ cheeses. She refuses to eat American, processed, or Krafts cheese. Example #2 – she loves pistachios and almonds but will not eat them unless you chew them up for her first. She wants everything done a certain way,” Sushi’s owner said to Hello Bark.

Sushi is a great doggy model with a unique attitude and the most expressive eyes we’ve seen lately. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these heartwarming photos of her below.