Dan Woodger’s Illustrations Are Character Driven

Illustrator and animator Dan Woodger is known for his character-based illustrations. Playful, colorful, and childlike – his artwork has adorned anything from stickers to murals. Since graduating from Brighton University in 2011, he’s worked for clients as big as Google, Apple, and McDonald’s. He also specializes in emoji and icon design.

“The most enjoyable part is the excitement of getting a new brief, and the possibilities of what that job is going to entail,” said Woodger in an interview with Lecture in Progress. “It’s invigorating taking on a new project with interesting challenges. Any time I get to travel for work, see new places and meet new people, makes me feel like it’s all worth it. The thrill of seeing my work out in the world, and having people recognize it is always amazing. I’ve also really enjoyed doing more public speaking, and exchanging knowledge and experiences.”

His toolbox includes both digital and analog tools: pencils and sheets of A3 paper on the one hand; and a scanner, Photoshop, and Wacom tablet on the other. “The skill set definitely shifts in the industry,” he says. “It’s important to accept the changes within technology and adapt your workflow.”

His advice to other aspiring creatives? Remember what makes you tick. “I love humour, so if I can amuse myself with my work then I’m achieving my goal,” he says. “I work so insanely hard, if I’m not enjoying what I make, what’s the point? I understand this isn’t always easy – it’s a challenge as a freelancer to continue to make ends meet and pay the bills. So do what you need to do, but just remember that core principle of who you are and what you like.”

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