Origami Artist Shows the Complexity of The Ancient Art

Photo by Carolina Garcia Tavizon on Unsplash

Origami is a wonderful art of paper folding that comes from Japan and some people are so devoted to it that it’s incredible how complex their figures can be.

One of them is physicist Robert Lang, a man who helped design NASA’s largest space telescope. His obsession with origami started long before he became a physicist and by now, he’s become amazing at it.

In the video below, Lang shows us 11 different levels of complexity of origami. He starts with the simplest folds and shapes you can use to create origami figures and, by the end of the video, we see him folding incredibly realistic insects.

He talks about the names of different shapes and folds and how you can use it to your advantage whether you’re following the instructions to make figures or are designing your own. Watch the video and try it yourself!