Decue Wu’s Illustrations Are Full of Life

Chinese artist Decue Wu moved to the US and earned her degree in 2014. She’s an illustrator, listed in Forbes 30 under 30 Art & Style, class of 2020.

Being a collector of “all things fashionable,” her style focuses on the combination of lifestyle and fashion.

“My multi-city lifestyle and cultural exchange experience provide me with rich creative inspiration,” the artist said in an interview for Ballpit. “My cat Sashimi is also my inspirational muse, who works as my drawing assistant. When I am not drawing, I experiment with new recipes and scour the world in search of the best food ever.”

She says that her favorite mediums are both gouache painting and digital painting.  and although she hasn’t done traditional drawing for quite some time, it still makes her fun when she does it.

“My illustration style takes a lot of inspiration from the mid-century era: abstract and geometric shapes, limited palettes, and the offset texture of screen-printing. I’m also inspired by Cubism and Fauvism, such as Picasso’s and Matisse’s work,” she added.

To see her artwork, check out the gallery below and follow her on Instagram for more.