Dutch Artist Depicts Female Characters to Empower Women

Roos Heuvelman is a 22-year-old illustrator and visual designer from The Netherlands “who translates your ideas and concepts into images with a meaningful message.” Although she received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia Design, she has a passion for illustrating.

She depicts female figures using a bright and colorful palette. She currently has over 5,000 Instagram followers and hopes that with her illustrations she’ll make women and girls confident and true to themselves.

“I usually start with a simple sketch and put together a color palette. Sometimes I immediately start coloring shapes, and I automatically see what happens,” she shared in an interview for Ballpit. “I like drawing characters the most, so I usually start with the character and then come up with a background later.”

Just like many of her colleagues, Heuvelman likes creating illustrations digitally. As she explains, she likes it because she can correct any mistakes and use various textures and effects.

Check out the gallery below to see the beautiful artwork this Dutch artist creates. Don’t forget to follow her on social media for more images. Take a look at her website, as well, because she’s currently having a sale on her prints.