Enter Nadia Michaux’s Littlest Sweet Shop

Nadia Michaux makes miniature desserts and sweets that look so appetizing you might be tempted to eat them. So much so, in fact, that Michaux’s website warns consumers from putting her miniatures inside their mouth.

“These miniatures are models/toys and should not be eaten or given to children aged 12 and below just in case they swallow it since they do look like real sweets,” reads her website. “These models are strictly for adult collectors only.”

But though her models are aimed at adults, these adults are surely children at heart. Michaux’s brand, Littlest Sweet Shop, sells anything from ice cream cones to peeled oranges. And watching the videos of the effort that goes into each piece is equally as delighting as the finished products themselves.

“I love making miniature food since it is a challenge to make it look like the real thing,” said Michaux in an interview with The Daily Mini. “I enjoy the challenge and thinking up ways to model something more precisely.” Each piece is professionally made using PVC based clay models made from polymer clay from Germany, the US, and Japan.

“When I was a child I loved playing with plasticine,” recalled the artist. “I would try to sculpt everything and it was so much fun. I learned about polymer clay only 5 years ago and got back into sculpting. There were so many cute pictures of miniature food online so I wanted to make some for myself since I collected miniatures.”

Check out some of her delightful miniature sweets in the gallery below.