Everything That’s Wrong With “Joker,” Explained in an Amusing Video

Joaquin Phoenix in "Joker"

After their superhero movies experienced years of ups and downs, DC finally managed to strike gold with a movie centered on Joker, arguably the most famous comic villain. The movie caused a lot of controversies but ended up being a huge commercial hit despite having a dark and gritty tone.

No one can deny that Joker was an absolute hit with the fans, with many claiming it’s a cinema masterpiece. But, while there is a lot of good in it, there is also a lot of bad as Cinema Sins points out. In their recent video, this YouTube channel decided to dissect Joker and explain everything that is wrong with this hugely popular movie.

Cinema Sins ended up finding 123 sins the movie “committed” and laid them before their viewers in a really fun and amusing way. Their clip quickly went trending on YouTube while also causing divided opinions among the platform’s users.

So, whether you are a fan of the Joker or not, this video is one you have to check out.