Follow These Instagram Accounts for Some Color Therapy

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that color can help influence our mental wellbeing. While dark colors, like blue, black, and gray, are often equated with sadness and depression, bright colors like yellow and orange can promote happiness and optimism.

Known as chromotherapy, color therapy is based on the idea that color can help treat physical or mental health. The following artists might just inspire you to take a positive step forward!

Painted Mary

Known for her brightly colored paintings, prints, and textiles, Mary Finlayson (aka @painted_mary) will inspire you to take a more maximalist approach to interior design.

Originally from Vancouver, B.C., Finlayson earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen’s University, a Graduate Degree in Art Therapy from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, as well an Arts Education Degree from the University of British Columbia—so you know her work is well balanced. A spoonful of sugar, others might say.

Shawna X

Shawna X’s art will have your head spinning with colors. Mostly digital, her art also spans spatial and motion spaces, tackling subjects like cultural identity, the modern creative process, and social stereotypes.

But while her subject matter might be loaded, the art itself presents a psychedelic-like reality, filled with bright, neon colors that demand your attention.

Laci Jordan

Here to empower you, Laci Jordan’s digital art is very much in your face. Focused on powerful women of color, Jordan promotes cultural diversity through her work.

“I’m making the stuff you don’t see by the person you usually don’t see,” she writes on her website. Promoting visibility also means using bold color choices. Trust us, this is just the kind of content your feed craves.