Food Floats in Francesco Mattucci’s Creative Photos

Searching for creative and unique Instagram accounts, we stumbled upon Francesco Mattucci’s work. Over 50,000 people follow the work of this cool Italian guy on his account Kitchen Suspension.

“As for many things, the idea of Kitchen suspension Project came to me by chance, for reasons of time, family, needs, the kitchen is the area that I live the most,” Mattucci says. “I thought about talking of a physical place, in a simple way, and making its basic daily purpose, a set. But not a set where you cook, but where things that inhabit it, have a life of their own, almost as if they took a place of their own, a place of entertainment, of course.”

“There’s a great work of post production,” Mattucci explains. “Every object that you see floating was captured in the exact spot it was [when the photo was taken].”

See his work below.