Heartwarming: Baby Gets Upset That His Father Cut Off his Dreads

Social media is the best place to find heartwarming content, that you wouldn’t see otherwise. The latest viral video shows a baby who was hurt by his father’s change of looks.

The little baby was placed in a chair when he spotted his father from a distance. He even took a second look to be sure. When his father came close, he realized that something had changed. The long-dreaded hair was gone, and the tears were quick to follow.

You can see the wave of disappointment on his face before he bursts into tears. He even covers his face like a disappointed adult. Surely if he could speak, he would complain bitterly. He must have really loved his father’s hair. Well, you can’t blame him. Kids get attached quickly, and this is probably why he was hurt when the long hair wasn’t present.

You can watch the video below: