Hipster Alert! Meet the Trendiest Dog on Instagram

Looking for the next trend-setter? Forget about Vogue, and start following
Margaret, an Italian Greyhound with a cult following on Instagram. Growing up in Adelaide, Australia, the glamorous pup can be seen strutting around in a neon jumpsuit or chilling in a trendy coffee shop.

And because these days, you’re not a real influencer if you don’t have your own merch, Margaret owns her own store on Etsy where she sells her fashionable jumpsuits.

Recently, Lifestyle Tails did a mock-interview with the Instagram celeb, where the pup shared its tips and tricks.“I just love getting out and about on the weekend with Jerry and visiting Adelaide’s many hipster coffee shops and bars,” she shared. “Unlike other major celebrities, I really enjoy mingling with the common folk. Adelaide has very few A-grade celebrities like myself and it gives people a real buzz when they see me on the street. Plus, it keeps me grounded, which I think is important.”

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Just grabbing a quick coffee before work.

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