Japanese Artist is Creating Colorful Latte Art Inspired by Birds

A nice, hot cup of coffee is what most people need to wake up in the morning and officially start their day. Luckily for us, most coffee shops and baristas know how important this morning ritual is for us and they’re using their creativity to add more colors into our mornings with some fantastic latte art designs.

One of those creative minds is Japanese artist Ku-san, who goes by the name kunit92 on Instagram. Ku-san is creating lovely and colorful latte art that is inspired by her favorite creatures – birds. Her favorite model is her own parrot named Sakura.

Many people wanted to enjoy one of the artist’s creative designs and they’ve been asking which café she is working at. Unfortunately, Ku-san’s work isn’t for sale, but the good news is that anyone can send a photo of their pet bird and she’ll create a bird latte art inspired by your pet.

Take a look at some of her amazing creations.