Jeremy Leung’s Art Showcases His Obsession with Detail

Chinese-Canadian illustrator (currently living in Brooklyn, NY), Jeremy Leung, tells stories through his artwork. “I would describe my style as incredibly intricate and representative of my obsession with detail,” said Leung in an interview with Art Directors Club. “I’ve fostered it through my keen interest in telling a story through a piece while having enough detail to keep the viewer’s eyeballs on the drawing as long as possible.”

Indeed, it’s hard to keep your eyes away from his pieces. Full of intricate details and colored with eye-catching color pallets, his illustrations are quite remarkable. So it’s little wonder publication like The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, and Buzzfeed News were quick to jump on board.

“I swear by the brush pen— the ability to control the stroke width of ink with my own hand allows me to feel closer to my work than any other digital tools,” shared the artist. “Also, I really enjoy the softness of graphite—it helps me show value and tone depending on how much pressure I use.”

Check out some of his artwork below.