John Holcroft’s Illustrations Provide Powerful Commentaries on Modern Life

We are lucky to be living in a time in which we can enjoy all sorts of technological and other advancements that improve the quality of life. However, this modern life also comes with its own set of challenges that individuals and society can find hard to navigate. UK artist John Holcroft captures this struggle through a series of intriguing illustrations.

Through these illustrations, Holcroft provides powerful commentaries on various aspects of modern life. He covers a wide range of relatable subjects, including social media, politics, the environment, current events, personal relationships, and much more. 

Most of Holcroft’s works paint the world in a negative light, but according to the artist, that is our reality.

“The world we live in cannot be summed up in one illustration. I suppose I mainly focus on the negative aspects because that’s where we will find an injustice. If I was to sum up the world we live in, it would have to be something negative,” Holcroft shared in an interview with ReArt.

Each of Holcroft’s illustrations will make you think deeply either about your own life or the world we are currently living in. One thing is for sure, they don’t leave anyone indifferent. Check out more of them below.