Check Out These Elegant and Minimal Illustrations by Tang Wen-Ching

Art doesn’t have to be complicated to be captivating. The works of illustrator Tang Wen Ching are the perfect example of that.

Wen Ching, who is currently based in Taiwan, likes to say that she creates “elegant and minimal illustrations that add a sense of personality. “And looking at her works, it seems like a fitting description.

Usually depicting subjects in moments of solitude, her illustrations use simplistic lines that capture only the most important features without attempts to be overly specific. This, coupled with a limited color palette, has an unusual captivating effect that leads the viewer to discover that there is more to the work than originally thought.

While Wen Ching is most known for her portraits, this talented artist also employs her signature style in other types of illustrations. This includes interior design, fashion, lifestyle, and motion graphics, among others.

Besides art, one of Wen Ching’s biggest passions is travel. She traveled extensively through Europe, where she experienced different cultures and approaches to art. This had a significant influence on her and became a valuable source of inspiration.

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