Landscape Painter Creates Thought-Provoking Art

To celebrate International Recycling Day, the city of Buenos Aires asked the French street artist, known as Saype, to make a memorable installation in the capital of Argentina. 

Saype is known for his immense paintings for which he uses natural and biodegradable colors. As such, he was more than happy to embrace the challenge and create a beautiful artwork that also shares a powerful message. 

Located on General San Martin Square, the huge painting depicts a little girl happily scribbling about. Painted on an area of ​​over 5,200 square meters, the artwork can be seen from above which makes for a dramatic effect.

The painting clearly highlights the technical skills of Saype who brought the child to life. In contrast, the strong white lines from the child’s drawings convey an important message about today’s youth and the fate of our planet. 

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"In the world hands" is a work of 5200m2 based on 100% natural paint in San Martin square in the heart of buenos Aires. Today (17th of may) is the recycling day. Everybody is welcome on place ! 😄🔥 As always, I want my art to serve society. Here, the idea was to highlight the importance of education in the treatment of waste and recycling. Future generations will have the world of tomorrow in their hands so we must start this educative process. I would like to thank the Argentinian government that initiated this project and Abrazzo_ for making this possible. We had an amazing time. "May my work bring a stone to the building of a more just and environmentally friendly world" Saype – – "Entre Les mains du monde" est une oeuvre de 5200m2 a base de peinture 100% naturelle place San Martin en plein coeur de buenos Aires. Comme a mon habitude, je tends à ce que mon art puisse se mettre au service de la société. Ici, l'idée était de mettre en avant l'importance de l'éducation dans le traitement des déchets et du recyclage et de créer un support de réflexion par une oeuvre d'art. Les générations futures auront le monde de demain entre leur mains, à nous de les inviter à en prendre soins. J'aimerais saluer le gouvernement Argentin qui a été à l'initiative de ce projet ainsi que Abrazzo_brandexperience d'avoir rendu cela possible. Nous avons vévu un moment incroyable. "Puisse mon travail porter une pierre à l'édifice d'un monde plus juste et respectueux de l'environnement" – Saype – – #saype #landart #Argentine #BuenosAires #beyondwalls #contemporyart #streetart #urbanart #grasspainting #landartist #project

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