Meet Masami, an Adorable Japanese Akita

Akita Inu is a very popular dog breed and today we’re going to meet an adorable red Akita Inu called Masami. This doggo who lives in Bosnia is becoming an Instagram star with more than 11 thousand followers on this social media platform.

Masami has a brother named Takashi and they love spending time together. These dogs are very energetic, so they need to be active and require very long runs.

“Masami loves to be in the center of the attention and she is incredibly stubborn and extremely protective of her yard. She has a huge amount of excess energy, so every day we go for a run with her, otherwise, she is bored in her crate during the night. She doesn’t like to be controlled, and she is very neat,” Masami’s owner gave us an insight into her personality in an interview with Hello Bark.

Masami’s owner said that the biggest misconception surrounding Akitas is that they are very aggressive dogs. Even though she can be aggressive when needed, Masami is a very friendly fog and she loves being around children.

Take a look at Masami’s lovely photos from her Instagram feed and follow her on social media to enjoy her cuteness.