Two Adorable Duck Sisters Are Taking Over Instagram

Morgan is an 18-year old girl who wanted to have pet ducks for a very long time and a few months ago this wish finally came true. She adopted two adorable Cherry Valley ducks in August and now she’s doing her best to give them a happy life.

Willow and Lexi joined Instagram in October and they already garnered more than 3.7k followers on this social media platform. It’s easy to see why because these two ducklings are the most adorable things in the world.

This cute duo obviously loves taking long baths in their pool and blowing bubbles in the bath, but they also enjoy walking in the rain and watching Disney movies with their mom.

Morgan wrote on their Instagram page that taking care of two ducks is harder than people think, but it also brings a lot of joy.

“They do take up a lot of time and patience as they constantly make a mess but it’s so awarding,” Morgan wrote.

Check out Willow and Lexi’s Instagram page for more cute photos of these adorable creatures.