Meet the World’s Littlest (and Fluffiest) Trendsetter

Pom Pom Chewy, (or Chewy for short), is said to be the world’s littlest trendsetter. The cream and white Pomeranian is an actor and model and was also featured in independent films like Humor Me. His style is fresh and his outfits are always on point – a mixture of pineapple printed shirts with pinstripe straight-leg pants.

But though Chewy’s current life is very much glamorous, it took him some time to get to where he is today. A rescue from Northern Ontario, he was born sick and skittish, and his owners didn’t even know if he was going to make it. He was also very scared of people and liked to hide under the couch.

It took a lot of patience to build a bond of trust with his owners, but once they had it, Chewy accompanied his mom to her work as a teacher. And it seemed to all work out for the better, as he enjoyed very much playing and bonding with children.

Apart from being an Instagram star, Chewy’s favorite past times are dressing up and making appearances across North-America, hopping from one sunny patio to the next. “He’s very aware and also curious,” said his owner in an interview with Hello Bark. “He can tell how the people around him are feeling and will act accordingly. He loves playing fetch and find the toy.”

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