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Frankey Creates Amusing Art Installations All Over Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you find yourself walking through the streets of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and find a big tongue sticking out an air vent or a figurine...

Mom Dials 911 After Looking at Baby Monitor, Police Officer Rushes to Her Home

Baby monitors are an essential lifeline for new parents, offering peace of mind as they keep a vigilant ear on their little ones. But...

Stephanie Hockersmith’s Vibrant Pies Pay Homage to Her Favorite Book Covers

If you love books and baking in equal measure, Stephanie Hockersmith’s pies will become your next obsession. The Colorado-based baker found viral fame on...

Men Block Elderly Woman’s Path, She Teaches Them a Valuable Lesson

Retiring is one of the scariest and most rewarding things people look forward to after working most of their life. By the time you...

Lucy Joyce Creates Life-Like Artwork of Wildlife and Pets

Lucy Joyce is a British artist specializing in life-like wildlife and pet artworks. Her works pack an impressive amount of detail, capturing animals in...

Just Fun

Musician Crafts a Full-Functioning Guitar Using LEGO Bricks

We have seen some really fascinating projects come to life thanks to LEGO bricks. However, a recent creation by Austrian musician Bernth is really...

Artist Paints Captivating Portraits of Women on Oriental Carpets

Montreal, Canada-based artist Mateo Humano is bringing together ancient cultures and urban art in a really unique way. He creates captivating portraits of women...

Stranger Makes a Crochet Beanie for a Well-Behaved Baby on Its First Flight

People often freak out when they see a baby boarding on their flight. They immediately assume that they will have to listen to cries...

Swarovski Designs Smart Binoculars That Can Recognize Over 9,000 Bird and Animal Species

Some animals and birds are easy to identify. You'll hardly fail to recognize a bear or an eagle when you see one. However, with...

The Crowbar Comics Will Catch You Off Guard With Unexpected Twists

The Crowbar Comics is a fast-rising series of comics that are capturing the attention of social media users with a unique drawing style, relatable...