Metal Butterflies Escape the Canvas in Vincent Salvo’s Art

Austin-based painter and sculptor Vincent Salvo had an unusual artistic journey. And that journey reflects in his intriguing works, especially the ones that feature colorful metal butterflies trying to escape the shackles of canvas and golden frames.

Salvo had the opportunity to make art his life calling when he was in high school, being offered a fine arts scholarship from a “prominent East Coast University”. But he decided to take a different path back then, choosing to focus on his skills for business and the engineering sciences. He started working at NASA and went on to have a successful entrepreneurial career. But despite this, he never left art completely.

While building his career, Salvo was doing art on the side and realized there was a strong interest in his works after collectors started inquiring about ways to acquire his pieces. This prompted him to dedicate more time to sculpting and painting.

While Salvo expresses his creative vision in various media, previously mentioned metal butterflies escaping frames and canvases are among his most recognizable works. According to the artist, these 3D sculptures “capture the subtleties and interplay of light and shadow to create and amplify the tension between simplicity and complexity.”

You can check out his works below.