Mind-Blowing Glass Art by Shayna Leib

Artist Shayna Leib creates intricate and unique glass sculptures that will blow your mind. In her latest Wind and Water series, she used her favorite material, glass, to illustrate the movement of waves and currents.

One look at this series is enough to realize that Leib’s artwork is mostly inspired by nature. She is a passionate diver and wants to use glass to capture the beauty of the underwater world.

“The things I find beautiful have always been fractal in nature. I am intrigued by multitudes of tiny little parts- blades of grass all bending in the wind to the same rhythm. As you pan out you have waves of form. Zoom in and you see each individual blade of grass moving to the flow of the wind,” Leib’s personal. websites states.  

Glass is not the only material Leib likes to work with, although it is her favorite. She used both glass and ceramic to create a series of artwork inspired by food and deserts. Needless to say that these pieces look equally stunning and mouth-watering.

Take a look at her glass art in the photos below.