Orly Cogan’s Hand Stitched Fiber Art is Worth a Closer Look

Orly Cogan is a self-taught fiber artist, whose love of vintage fabrics inspired her craft. Having collected printed fabrics for 20 years, those provide the basis for her embroidered works.

“I haven’t actually learned any particular stitch work techniques,” said the artist in an interview with Textile Artist. “I like to figure it out as I go and see using thread just like I would any other art material; I work intuitively. I love mixing various sensibilities within the work – like loose stitches that feel more like a sketch drawing or thick dense areas of threads that become more sculptural, to fine thin layering of the simple running stitch that creates perspective and gives the feeling of familiarity and naiveté. I use crochet and appliqué and paint to bring out more movement within the staccato line work in some pieces.”

Born in Israel and educated at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC and The Maryland Institute College of Art, Cogan has been exhibiting her finished works for over two decades now.

“I have been expanding from two-dimension pieces to installations where I combine various materials such as buttons, cut out fabrics, vintage craft objects, and threads wrapped between sewing pins into the wall creating shadows with the lines,” she added. “These works are ethereal and light yet the message is powerful but with just a tug the whole scene can become unraveled (a metaphor for life!)”

Check out some of her artwork in the gallery below.