Photoshop Troll Creates Hilarious Images

Photoshop has evolved in recent times. It is used to create photo manipulations. However, some people now use to it create humor and give the audience something to laugh about. James Fridman is in the forefront of this development.

James is a popular man when it comes to photoshop. He has been a professional troll and a master of photoshop. He is more popular on Twitter where he creates hilarious photo manipulations of pictures submitted by his followers. This professional troll is back with funnier edits, and they will definitely make you laugh.

Even though lots of people already know that James is a troll, they still ask him for help. However, you should read his bio first before sending pictures. Despite being a habitual troll, he can be supportive in so many ways and even helps some boost their self-esteem. See some of his hilarious edits below: