Self-Taught Makeup Artist is All the Rage

Paris-born, Brooklyn-based makeup superstar, known simply as Violette, has long been obsessed with fashion, beauty, and anything art related.

Moving to New-York in 2013 at the age of 19, with barely any English, she studied art and fashion before launching her own YouTube channel, dedicated to the art of makeup. It wasn’t long before her makeup career skyrocketed, and in 2017 she was crowned the global beauty director for Estée Lauder.

“Makeup is actually not as superficial as some might assume,” Violette said in an interview with Inside Out magazine. “On the contrary, there is a very deep psychological connotation to it. It is a tool that impacts who and what we see of ourselves in the mirror.”

Nowadays, she shares her makeup hacks on her Instagram page (in addition to her YouTube channel), where she has amassed more than 300 thousand dedicated followers. Check out some of her tutorials below and see some examples for her eye-catching (albeit minimal) makeup looks.