Meet Mrs. Flans, An Albino Rescue Dog You’ll Fall In Love With

Adopting rescue dogs is the best way to save these beautiful souls from rough conditions and give them a chance to have a long, happy and fulfilled life. Just visit a dog shelter and you will see tens of cute puppies excitedly sniffing around, waving their tails and waiting to be taken somewhere safe and nice.

But some of them are left behind. Typically, it’s the dogs with disabilities that almost no one wants since they are perceived as requiring too much work and attention which most people are not ready to give.

Mrs. Flans is a pawsitively fabulous dog that brightens up the day of everyone she meets, despite her disability. She is a Chiweenie, a mix of chihuahua and dachshund, which means she’s small but surprisingly fierce. And her special traits don’t stop there.

She’s albino, born deaf because of her breeding, has a tongue that is almost always out, extraordinary bat-like ears and only one good eye. Linda Alvarez is the proud owner of this lively, strong pup who has quickly attracted 18k followers on Instagram.

Linda saved Mrs. Flans from a backyard breeder and quickly fell in love with her outgoing personality, then made it her mission to share this beauty with the world.

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