The “Canceling Plans” Meme Pays Homage to Our Favorite Movies

Screenshot via Twitter

We cancel plans for all sorts of different reasons, and Twitter users are mixing this habit with plots of our favorite movies and coming up with the most ridiculous excuses to drop your previous engagements.

It’s unclear how this trend started, but it’s possible that the tweet by user @messyfeeIs kicked it off. She tried to highlight the importance of self-care by explaining why “canceling plans is ok” in a tweet that received almost 300,000 likes since January 1st.

After this tweet made the rounds online, Twitter users quickly turned it into something hilarious. Instead of listing logical reasons to cancel plans, they started coming up with the craziest excuses and encouraging people to “do what you need to cope.”

It all seemed like a supportive thread at first, but a closer look at these viral tweets revealed they actually describe the plot of some of our favorite movies. Legally Blonde, The Parent Trap, and Gone Girl come to mind, and Twitter is currently overflowing with countless references only true movie buffs will get.