These Adorable Sleeping Puppies are Breaking the Internet

What’s cuter than sleeping puppies? We’ll wait.

The Puppy Spring facility in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea has been posting puppies taking their afternoon naps and thees photos have quickly been breaking the internet. The daycare center is similar to any childhood care center, owners drop their dogs off at the center when they head to work and they pick up their furry children when they’re finished work. The center cares for dogs that are 12 weeks and older.

Doggy daycare centers are a popular concept in Asian countries and the puppies learn obedience and sociability skills through games and exercises. Learning all day can be exhausting, so luckily, these dogs get some much-needed beauty sleep. That’s when the real magic happens, as employees can’t help but snap some pictures of the fur babies resting. They’re even all wrapped and tucket into blankets, awe.

Just check out how cute these puppies are!