These Animals Are Made of Trash and They Might Save the Planet

Portuguese street artist Bordalo II has an amazing talent and he saves the environment while using it.

Bordalo II started a series called “Big Trash Animals” and the aim of these artworks is to raise awareness for a problem that may soon be forgotten. This problem is waste production, lack of recycling, pollution and its general effects on planet earth.

What better way to depict nature than to use animals? This artist creates giant animals and uses materials that could cause their annihilation for this purpose. Waste materials are used to create animal street arts. He finds them in abandoned factories, wastelands and companies that recycle products.

Most of the items Bordello II uses include burnt garbage cans, damaged bumpers, tires as well as appliances. Looking at the art pieces, you can identify some materials used. It depicts the camouflaging results of human habits.

See some of his work below: