Extraordinary All-Organic Kitchen in the Heart of the Wilderness

Almazan Kitchen is a YouTube cooking channel that takes campfire cooking to a different dimension by pairing minimalistic, almost survivalist ways of preparing food with some of the most delicious recipes ever.

The mastermind behind it is the chef Alex Almazan, who started Almazan Kitchen with his uncle Boki with the idea of showing people what it’s like to cook amazing meals outside in nature, using only fire and coal.

Somewhere in the Serbian wilderness, Alex prepares juicy steaks, exotic seafood, and even ice cream, using organic homemade ingredients and making sure each dish has a note of Serbian traditional cuisine.

His style is refreshing and unique and he introduces his own interpretation to every recipe he showcases.

The menu includes extravagant dishes such as the enticing Reuben sandwich, which is made of smoked ham, sauerkraut, pickles, tomato cheese and creamy Curcuma sauce, all banding together to create a “full range carnival in your mouth”, and forest-made cuttlefish ink-infused pasta with spicy salmon and marinated goat cheese.

Each episode is incredibly relaxing and it will take you far into the heart of the forest, where Alex is preparing mouth-watering food in surprisingly enjoyable silence.