This Cat Just Got a Bizarre Summer Haircut

The hot summer days are here and our furry friends can’t wait to head to the groomer and get their summer haircut. However, it turns out that even our pet’s hair makeover can turn into a real disaster sometimes.

A cat named Oliver is going viral everywhere on social media thanks to his new bizarre haircut and there is a very good reason for that!

A Twitter user named @caitchristinee, shared photos of her cat Oliver and his new haircut that, according to her, makes him look like “a Dr. Seuss character”.

 The funny thing is that Oliver’s new look isn’t an accident at all. After waiting two months for this appointment, Caitlin’s father dropped the cat off for his groom and requested this epic haircut.

Caitlin’s mother wrote in a text to her daughter, “I can’t even look at Oliver. He looks absolutely ridiculous!” We cannot agree with her, however, as it seems that people can’t get enough of Oliver’s funny look. He even has his own Instagram account named “Slinky Cat”.