These Embroidered Pieces of Art Call to Mind a Simpler Time

For some, inspiration hangs by a piece of thread. Hungarian-based artist, Ágnes Herczeg, uses traditional embroidery techniques, to make miniature pieces of art that remind of a simpler time.

Using threads, fabrics, and wire, her creations are attached to pieces of wood, that adds as a wooden frame; making her embroidered artwork look as if it was floating.

Herczeg studied textile conservation at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and has learned the traditional methods of lace-making, and embroidery. “Lace-making is an extremely time-consuming occupation,” says the artist, which claims “it takes several days just to complete a small piece.”

“In my work, I use only natural materials of vegetable origin: yarns, threads, textiles, as well as tree branches, roots, fruits, and seeds,” she writes on her website. “I often make the molded parts of my pictures from the ceramic material.”

Take a closer look on these miniature art works.