Two Brothers Travel The World Together for a Living

Imagine having a career, traveling the world, filming different destinations, and getting into all sorts of adventures – with your brother. Well, Alex and Marco don’t have to imagine – they’re living that life. 

Alex and Marko, AKA the Vagabrothers, have travel in their blood. Their parents are travelers, they have dual citizenship, and they’ve always wanted to see the world. 

So after College, when Marko had an opportunity to work in finance in India, he took it without hesitation. But then something happened – a series of terrorist attacks devastated the community he was living in, and he decided that his life’s mission was to promote communication and understanding between cultures. 

A while later, when Alex graduated from college, the two brothers traveled together to Spain and then to the Basque Country where they worked as English teachers and trying to break through as adventure travelers and filmmakers. Then, just two weeks before Marko’s visa was about to expire, they heard about a travel film contest, where the first prize was $50,000! They used the rest of their time to write and shoot their short film and submitted it. A few weeks later they got the good news – they won first place!

Alex and Marko knew exactly what to do with the money – they used it to buy equipment and create their new YouTube channel, The Vagabrothers. Ever since, they’ve been traveling the world together, getting to know new cultures, and having adventures together every day.