These Two Travel-Loving Cats Go Everywhere With Their Owner

Although the sight of a dog lounging at the side of his owner at the airport or in the lobby of your hotel is not surprising anymore, how often do you see a man traveling with two cats that actually enjoy the ride?

Meet Daikichi and Fuku-Chan – two adventurous cats who have been accompanying their owner Daisuke Nagasawa on his business travels for the last eight years, during which they visited more than 1,000 destinations. He transports the peaceful pair in an adapted stroller that he pulls along or in a customized backpack that fits them both and allows them to fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes. 

Their journey began in 2011, when the 49-year-old CEO of a tech company started traveling more due to his work and his increasing absence from the home didn’t sit really well with the adopted Fuku Chan and Daikichi.

The cats missed their owner so much that they started expressing their frustration through aggressive, attention-seeking pranks, so Nagasawa’s genius solution was to try taking them on his trips. Surprisingly, the cats liked it, and soon enough they became his regular companions across Japan. 

Their awesome adventures have been shared with their thousands of followers on Instagram. Check out their cute pictures below to see the world through feline eyes!