This Artist Draws Life With His Wife and It’s Adorable

Do you know how sometimes, when you’re in a relationship, moments of our day-to-day life can be just… magical? Something you’ve done a million times and will do a million times more, like deciding what to have for dinner, or watching a movie, becomes so much more than that, and you just have to share it with others? Illustrator Yehuda Devir has actually done just that.

The Israeli-based illustrator has been illustrating moments of his life with his wife for the past couple of years. His drawings depict small, everyday moments of him and his wife’s life, things we’ve all seen or been through – cleaning the house, getting ready to go to work, changing the baby’s diaper – but  Yehuda allows us to see is through his loving eyes, that cherish every one of those moments.

Yehuda and Maya seem to be the perfect, most adorable couple, and it’s easy to see why Yehuda picked their own life as the main subject of his art. Some drawings are insanely funny, others touching – but all of them show how when you love somebody, every moment is beautiful, even if it’s totally ordinary.