This Artist is Inspired b Japenese and Medieval Cats

Portland-based artist Jake Giddens creates art that combines traditional art styles with a fun, playful vibrance. Inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, medieval paintings, Persian drawings, comic books, fable storybooks, and contemporary children’s textiles, he explains that he likes creating artwork that allows him to have fun with the subject matter and color palette.

One of his recent projects is a series of cat illustrations inspired by traditional Japanese and medieval art.

“When I moved into my own apartment I realized I could come up with a theme and decorate it however I liked. Realizing I’m a fan of cats and Japanese woodblock prints I decided to combine those interests and make these art prints for my new home,” the artist shared on Bored Panda.

Alongside cute feline illustrations, Giddens whose professional artistic journey began back in 2014 also makes comics based on mental health and stories from his personal life.

Have a glimpse of his arts in the gallery below and follow him on Instagram for more.