This Artist Paints With 10 Brushes at the Same Time

Most of us can barely paint something even remotely good using a single brush. But for artist Serge Feeleenger, a single brush is too simple; he prefers to create his paintings by using 10 brushes at the same time.

Feeleenger has one of the most intriguing painting techniques we have seen in a long time. The self-taught artist attaches a painting brush to each of his fingers and gets to work. It is essentially an advanced version of finger painting.

According to Feeleenger, he decided to switch up his technique after getting tired of constantly changing brushes while painting. He first tried with three brushes on his right hand, and after getting used to it, he began adding more until all of his fingers had brushes attached to them.

As it turns out, this technique not only helps Feeleenger paint faster but also helps his creative process.

“At first, I attached three brushes to the fingers on my right hand and tried to paint like this,” Serge shared in a recent interview. “I was like, ‘wow, that’s cool and very convenient.’ The colors mingle together right away. Then I attached the brushes to my left hand. In the end, I had 10 brushes. I made very comfortable finger stalls. so I could change the brushes.”

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