This Puerto Rican Model is Breaking Through Glass Ceilings in the Fashion World

It’s no secret that the fashion world isn’t exactly welcoming and inclusive. The standards of the beauty industry are usually impossibly high, and even the most beautiful and experienced models have to work hard to meet those standards. But there are people out there who work to break through those glass ceilings – people like Sofía Jirau.

Sofía is a Puerto Rican model with Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects a person’s physical growth and facial features, though each person with Down Syndrome is different. IT is usually diagnosed at an early age, so Sofía knew she was different from the start – but that has never stopped her from dreaming big and pursuing her dreams. Sofía knew she wanted to be a model and a businesswoman from the age of five, and now that’s she’s in her twenties, she can check those two goals – when most people strive their entire lives to achieve their dreams.

Recently, Sofía has been featured in New York Fashion Week, breaking a record by being the first-ever model with Down Syndrome to walk down those runways. Now, she’s planning her next steps, hoping to break through in Europe as well. But she’s not doing It only for herself – she’s out there to prove to the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.