This Puppy Bears a Striking Resemblance to Salvador Dalí

The adorable puppy named Salvador Dolly recently went viral because of her unique feature – a long black mustache that looks exactly like the one that the Spanish Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí had.

This 5-weeks-old puppy was found on the streets with her 10 siblings and mom. They were saved thanks to a collaboration between Dallas Animal Services and Hearts & Bones Rescue.

“Dallas Animal Services, a shelter with the 3rd highest number of animal intakes in the entire country, took in mama and her 11 babies as strays and cared for them for 2 weeks, but puppies are at a very high risk of getting sick in the shelter environment, so we knew we had to get them out,” Allison Seelig from Hearts & Bones Rescue said.

The puppies were moved to a foster care and will stay there until they’re old enough to get adopted. People from all over the world fell in love with this unique-looking dog and a lot of them have already sent applications to adopt her. Dolly siblings are also adorable and they’re looking for new homes in the NYC area.