This Russian Anime Artist is Taking Over Tokyo

Anime is winning hearts left and right, and no one dares shrug it off anymore without giving it a try. Whether you’re into Naruto, or Death Note, or are just now discovering One Punch Man, or you have always had a thing for Miyazaki films, anime has an undeniable quality in both style and content.

While a lot of anime touches upon difficult and complex social, psychological, and philosophical subjects, anime drawings and the art itself has also been gaining a widespread following. Many artists begin by drawing their favorite anime characters, then go onto reinventing them and eventually make up their own characters that they create and mold with pen and paper.

Creativity in anime is only now gaining momentum – artists are using everything from pencil to watercolor to chalk to drawing pads. One inspiring anime artist is taking the craft to a whole new level, with detailed, shaded, carefully drawn anime paintings that add life to well-known and new characters.

That artist is Ilya Kushinov, a Russian native based in Tokyo. On his Instagram, you can see drawings of famous film characters, such as “Kill Bill” assassin Gogo, as well as his own character creations. Ilya also shares videos of his drawing process, which is encouraging for aspiring artists. His art has earned him the place as one of the creators of a film that is coming out soon.

Check it out!