This Sandcastle Building Contest Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Who didn’t like buildings sandcastles on the beach as a child? It turns out, some grownups still love it so much – that they even enter sand sculpture competitions!

Hanna Emmerson is a sandcastle builder and champion with over 20 years of experience. It all started out as s but of fun – Hannah and her friend had just graduated from art school and were looking for a fun new activity they could share. They heard about the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition and decided to enter. Completely unexpectedly, they won!

After that first competition, Hanna started coming back to Bermuda each year to build her sand sculptures. It was a source of inspiration, a creative outlet and a challenge she kept looking forward to. A few years ago she was offered an incredible opportunity – the competition manager was retiring, and he asked her to take over and manage it herself – an opportunity she grabbed with both hands!

Today, Hanna is still managing her Bermuda Sandcastle competition, as well as sharing her own pieces and even teaching workshops. Her goal is to spread the art of sandcastle building and to show others that building castles in the sand is an incredible creative outlet and not just a past-time for kids.