This Street Cat Looks Just Like Baby Yoda

Chances are you’ve heard about the adorable Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. We’ve been seeing all sorts of memes, plush toys, figurines, and now there’s even a cat who looks just like Baby Yoda!

There’s no doubt that the stray cat, which was found in North Carolina, will have no difficulties finding a home after the cat’s pictures went viral. You see the resemblance to Baby Yoda, right? The comparisons don’t stop there; the cat has been compared to Dobby the elf and Gremlin characters.

Jana Aviles posted the photos after the cat was brought into her clinic by a rescue organization. It only took a few days for people to go crazy over the cat. If you’re interested in adopting the precious cat, you’ll have to wait for it to complete medical treatment.

Aviles decided to use the cat’s instant fame to bring attention to the need for animals to be rescued, “There is only ONE Yoda cat, so there is only ONE home out there for her. So many people have offered to travel across the country to adopt this cat, and even people from other countries have reached out to me. There are 70 MILLION stray cats just in the US. 4 MILLION cats are brought into animal control facilities each year, and 1.4 MILLION of those cats are euthanized each year due to lack of homes. Everyone please check your local shelters…”