This Video Explains the Physiology of Panic Attacks

On December 30th, 2019, Youtube channel Life Noggin shared an informative video that explains the physiology of panic attacks. “Panic attacks can happen to anyone, but what’s really happening to your body when one strikes?” they wrote below the video.

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TRY NOT TO BLAME YOURSELF FOR FEELING ANXIOUS | INSTEAD try being aware of what caused you to feel anxious | the choice to keep going is not the best option | accepting, self kindness, communication & self care | before you are overwhelmed👇 . 🎨@itsweinye 🌞 ✒@anxiety_wellbeing . 🌱ANXIETY Is a natural human response. But we tend to blame the wrong things, wasting precious energy you don't really have because experiencing anxiety can be exhausting an already exhausted human being. . 🗣WE blame the FEELING My anxiety is here This is a horrible monster Always here to sabotage me It's my fault I should be able to cope There's something wrong with me I must avoid to stop feeling anxious Or reveal to anyone how I feel People will judge me Etc . 📈This way of viewing the anxiety experience is sure to make it bigger, more fearful, harder to live with until you have actually proved your fear right. You cant keep going but that's not because anxiety is faulty, it's because it's actually a sign to stop & acknowledge the real reasons, you're not fine, there needs to be a change. . 🌱WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? If you feel anxious Worried, overwhelmed, holdin emotions, feeling tired more often, afraid, tense, avoiding, not enjoying your time, rundown, not eating good food, not going out, panicky. There's 99.9% of the time a very good reason why, it's not for you to blame anxiety & downplay the reasons. . HELP🌱 Speak to yourself kindly Allow yourself to kindly turn down invites & take some things off the to-do list. Ask for a little support if you can. ✒ what's been happening & how you have been feeling, validate that IS how you have been feeling. ✒ all worries, fold the paper up & leave that for 2 days. Make a little time for you Try a different morning & evening routine. A helpful one. The tv, the phone can wait Do the essentials & create a little night time hour, in bed by 8.30, lights low, book or guided mediation, breathe. Lavender oil drops on your pillow. . Book an appointment for a check up & a blood test, to see if you are in need of a vitamin or mineral. Hormones? Have a chat. Focus on what could be causing this & what YOU CAN do to help❤ . #anxiety #anxietycoach #❤️

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If you’ve been experiencing panic attacks or know someone who has, it may be useful to watch this video to learn what a panic attack actually does to your body. Although panic attacks and anxiety attacks share some symptoms, there are key differences that help you realize which one you’re having.

While anxiety attacks represent a body’s answer to a period of excessive worry, panic attacks happen for no obvious reason and last for a few minutes or hours. Learn more in the video below.