Professional Chef Tries to Make Fancy Twinkies

Twinkies are considered to be one of the most iconic American snacks. This is largely due to their recognizable shape and simple but effective combination of golden sponge cake and cream filling. But could this tasty treat become even better if some fancier ingredients were added? Tasty decided to give us that answer.

Tasty’s resident chef and producer Rie was recently challenged to try and improve Twinkies in any way or form she sees fit. She only had to follow four simple rules, which included finishing everything in less than 30 minutes.

After weighing her options, Rie decided to think outside the box and try an unorthodox approach. She took a few dozen Twinkies and decided to smash them into a bowl while adding cacao nibs and cranberries.

Rie took the mix and made cake balls out of it, which she then coated with various ingredients including pistachios and several different types of chocolate.

Did Rie manage to make Twinkies better than they already are? Well, check out the video below to find out.