A Dog and a Musician Make the Best of Friends

Acoustic Trench combines two of our greatest passions in life: music and dogs. The viral phenomenon consists of Trench, a musician, and his dog Maple. Together they make the most delightful videos showcasing their musical skills.

A multi-instrumentalist, Trench can play the guitar, harp, cello, and a dozen other instruments, while his loyal furry sidekick is an accomplished musician herself with the drums and a few other instruments (or at least so it seems!).

The two are known for covering popular songs (anything from Disney to rock and roll) and have a huge catalog of music videos that they post on various platforms online, which include a YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram page.

In some of their more recent videos, you can spot the latest addition to the family: a rescue pup named Cherry. “She’s very shy & timid as she had a tough life before adoption but with lots of love and patience she’s learning to trust again and she has become very attached to Maple,” Trench wrote on his Twitter page. “She’s tiny and sweet, she’s Cherry.”

You can support this independent duo on Patreon, where you’ll also be able to download mp3s of all of their music.